Aspen Camp for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Aspen, Colorado

A Little Bit of History:

Reed Harris saw his lonely deaf son looking out the window watching hearing children playing and enjoying a carefree life. Determined to give his son the same experience, he went out to establish a camp exclusively for deaf and hard-of-hearing children so that they may also have companionship, opportunities, and adventures equal to their hearing peers. Mr. Harris, along with Tom Sardy and Lt. General William Martin, officially formed Aspen Summer Camp for the Deaf, Inc. on October 6, 1967.

 Over the next 10 years, 17 acres of riparian land in Old Snowmass was donated to the camp and a winter program was introduced. The camp changed its name to Aspen Camp School for the Deaf to reflect the improvement in program and educational quality. In 2008, Aspen Camp of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (ACDHH) was established as our doing-business-as name and started introducing year-round programming for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. While there are many camps available to the deaf and hard of hearing community, ACDHH is one of three organizations in the nation that exclusively provide outdoor summer and winter programming to deaf and hard-of-hearing children. ACDHH is the only year-round facility targeting deaf and hard-of-hearing children.


In 2007, Dickinson + Partners developed a cultural and master planning task for the camp. The challenge was to take a large narrow existing 17 ac site into five learning areas (community) within the property lines. The design team proposed seven smaller community areas that serve to unite each of the independent spaces, new cabin type community center, renovation of existing cabins, and new water filter systems.


  • Master Planning
  • Cultural Analysis Study
  • Renovation Design and Planning