Marion Downs Hearing Center

Denver, Colorado

The new Marion Downs Hearing Center building will house the world’s premier and most comprehensive center to support individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing and their families.

Recognizing the national prominence and clinical importance of the Marion Downs Hearing Center, the University of Colorado Hospital has designated a half-acre site on the southwest quadrant of the Anschutz Medical Campus as the permanent location for the Marion Downs Hearing Center. This site is the only remaining plot of land left for development on the entire Medical Campus.

It is the responsibility of the Marion Downs Hearing Center Foundation to raise the $25 million needed to develop a facility that will continue to distinguish the Center as an international leader for services, education, and research in the realm of hearing science.

Who are they?

The Marion Downs Hearing Center (MDHC) is recognized worldwide for unique leadership, stellar service provision and progressive innovations in the realm of hearing, and deafness. We value and promote individual and family choice in treatment, technology and communication options.

In a fitting tribute to Dr. Downs’ exemplary professional career, MDHC was officially opened on May 24, 2005 on the Fitzsimons campus of the University of Colorado Medical Center.

MDHC strives to provide national and international resources, services, education and research to support the needs of individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing, their families and the professionals who work with them. On a larger scale, community outreach is also a Center mandate, including local, state and international teaching and services.

MDHC has a “cradle to grave” approach of working with infant hearing programs, early intervention programs, family-centered support programs, and geriatric hearing concerns. Reflecting the spirit of Dr. Down’s professional philosophies, the MDHC promotes and provides inter-disciplinary collaboration which benefits parents, consumers, clinicians and researchers, in order to meet the needs of individuals with hearing loss.

D+P and HDR of Denver are working on the design process for the new building.