Gallaudet University-Sorenson Language Communication Center

Washington, DC USA

Front Entrance of the building

The programming and planning stage of the Sorenson Language and Communication Center at Gallaudet University engaged many stakeholders, and included consideration of many factors influencing and enhancing the environment for students and faculty.

The programming and planning process provided a vision, identified goals, and quantified departmental program needs for the new Sorenson Language and Communication Center at Gallaudet University. It addressed both current and future space needs for the various program elements that had been selected to occupy the new facility. It also established a vision for the new facility to operate more cohesively and be perceived more strongly as a Visual Deaf Facility than any of the other facilities that Gallaudet currently has on the campus.

Lobby Area

The programming process included these steps:

•    A two-day Visionary Workshop was held with faculty and staff.
•    A survey requesting data on existing program operations and future requirements was sent to each department.
•    A tour of each department’s current location was conducted.
•    Three programming workshop sessions were conducted with department heads and staff.
•    Three programming workshops were held with an inter-departmental group tasked with developing the program for shared spaces.
•    Two programming workshops were held with Physical Plant representatives.
•    Diagrams illustrating inter-departmental relationships and potential building layouts were developed for discussion.
•    A survey of room data information for each department was distributed and compiled.