Kelston Deaf Education Centre

Auckland, New Zealand

Proposal Educational Plan

The project was commissioned by the Ministry of Education of New Zealand to provide capital needs assessment and master planning study to examine the viability of consolidating four state schools for the deaf. The needs of the students at four existing schools across the country have become increasingly complex.  Students with cochlear implants, deaf and hard-of-hearing have been provided with state-of-art educational services that are designed for maximum access to the general curriculum.

This project was intended to design and provide new open space and pedestrian circulation system improvements for the Kelston Deaf Education Centre in accordance with the goals and principles established in the Ministry of Education Facilities Masterplan 2001.  The Kelston Deaf Education Centre calls for priority capital improvements, and potential visual public-private access, for existing building renovations and new infill development focused on the creation of well-defined open spaces between buildings that will create stronger links to the core of the campus.  Goals of the Master Plan include:

1. Create a cohesive overall design concept that incorporates a variety of landscape typologies and visual safely for the Deaf.

2. Restore areas disrupted by phased construction activities and link multiple projects.

3. Minimize pedestrian and vehicular conflicts.

4. Expand and improve pedestrian access and usable open space, while enhancing environmental qualities.

The new educational building houses the arts, a new library, sciences, a technology lab, and ten classrooms.  The fine arts cluster for visual arts and art is complemented by a multi-use performance space and lecture hall. The design focuses on the individual learner, with window seats, study areas, and the central hearth of the Library. The study/design is ongoing and will be delivered to the Ministry of Education in 2014.

Early site plan

Final Site Plan