AEC/SEC-New K-12 Deaf School for Boys and Girls

Doha, Qatar

The nature of deaf education today strives to prepare young people for the world’s inherently collaborative, literacy based, technology/media driven, and work ready culture. That education must be available in settings that invite formation of thoughtful collaborations fueled by rapid access to information and the constant availability of opportunities to acquire skills necessary in effective workplaces and in rigorous post-secondary educational settings

Supreme Education Council (SEC) and Audio Education Center (AEC) of Qatar has identified the need for design and construction of facilities that will provide better educational environments, safety and security for deaf and hard-of-hearing students on the existing AEC campus while offering opportunities for students to acquire a wider variety of independent skills, communicative expertise, up-to- date access to technology and media formats, expanded career and technical education opportunities, and the confidence that comes with socialization.

The re-designed campus will demonstrate respect for the history of AEC in Doha, Qatar but manifest a commitment to an environment where students with hearing loss will learn and prepare themselves for the future through engagement in the knowledge and skills necessary in the 21st century global economy.  The propose campus footprint will be defined by girls and boys schools as the central focus; a respect for the right of all persons on campus to be heard and understood; multiple use of facilities by all students, faculty and community; a demonstrated commitment to safety and security; the essential technology for students and faculty to be lifelong global learners; and a reverence for the environment.

Design of teaching environments incorporates the flexibility inherently necessary in an education facility that is absent demographic projections of growth and relies on decisions of families and the State of Qatar to take advantage of the services available to the populations it is established to serve.  The 21st century design for the campus and strong academic and career preparation opportunities will be enticements across Qatar for student placements in an environment that meets their communication, instructional and career development needs.

The international design team of Dickinson + Partners and Page International proposes the creation of new K-12 Educational Center for the girls and new K-12 Educational center for the boys.  This will replace the outdated girls educational facilities and brand new facilities for the boys.