Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind

Staunton, VA USA


• Campus Master Planning
• Planning for occupancy during construction
• Facility Programming for each building
• Schematic Design
• Design Development
• Construction Documents
• Project Consulting 

After a lengthy Senate process, the State of Virginia Department of Education decided to keep the current Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind in Scranton, VA by approving a plan for extensive renovations to the 1800s-era buildings and the construction of new buildings on the campus. The State hired Ballou, Justice & Upton Architects out of Richmond, VA and EYP out of Washington, DC along with Dickinson + Partners to create a new campus master plan and design a new 90,000 SF Educational Center, two residence halls, and a 20,000 SF Media Center.

The Challenge for the school was based on the following question; “How can we unite existing old buildings with a new educational center on the same site while addressing two completely different programs (the deaf and the blind), two educational approaches and students with other special needs who would benefit from educational opportunities on the same site?”

 Major programmatic elements were utilized to create a new unified campus, including: consolidated and centralized single administration, relocation of the deaf education department, creation of new spaces for the blind education department, new classrooms, new media center, new middle and high school educational center, one deaf residence hall and one blind residence hall – all accessible to the student population.

Total construction cost: $72,000,000

Aerial View of Campus under Construction