Cave Springs Training Center

Cave Springs, GA USA

Front Entrance of the Training Center

Connection between Residence Hall and the Training Center

Cave Springs Training Center is designed to meet the needs of transition students between the age of 18 to 22 yrs who are deaf or blind. Dickinson + Partners in association with HKS of Atlanta completed a comprehensive master plan for the 40-acre campus and rehabilitation center. The Master Plan study focused on academics, student life, and residential life. In determining a possible location for the new training center and residence hall, the planning team considered the impact on school culture and traditions, proximity to associated uses, and the impact on campus vistas and landscape. Recommendations included improvements for vehicular and pedestrian circulation, parking, campus beautification, and place-making.

D + P and HKS evaluated the need for a new Training Center to provide special amenities and school-wide community space nearer senior academic staff, the classrooms and the dining area. Viewed as a gathering place where all members of the school family could sit and learn, the Training Center concept calls for an outside landscaped terrace with seating adjacent to the student dining area, encouraging students and faculty to gather outdoors as well as indoors.

Cave Springs Rehabilitation Center Master Plan

Campus Master Plan