Design Process and Community Planning

Design ProcessProcess of design is vital to the success of the project. Often, we begin our design process with an intensive “Charette”.  Charette translates into “discovery” through an intensive, hands-on experience that brings people together to capture the vision, values, and ideas of the community.  Design charrettes are a good way to build positive enthusiasm and energy and, at the same time, be responsive to the creativity of the community.

Come to a Dickinson + Partners charette, and you enter a world of discovery.  Walls pinned with images of what exists and what might exist:  site plans and visual images of nature, civilization, movement, lifestyles.  It is far more than just bricks and mortar that go into the concept of buildings here.  Here we invest in understanding.

At the end of the Charette process, we — all of us, client, contractor, architect, interior designer, and engineer — will have a clear, cohesive direction.  One that we all agree upon and one that we all understand.  That is the process.