Educational Design & Planning for Children with Special Needs

Kids on rampThe Special Needs Studio is often retained as design architect for schools and other educational facilities serving deaf, blind and students with special needs. We work with local architects to take projects from concept design through construction documents, helping to ensure sensitivity towards special needs users and compliance with local and federal requirements.

Key education planning/design services include:

• Facility/Campus Master Planning
• Comprehensive Site Planning
• Building Conditions Assessment
• Visual Space Planning
• Schematic Design
• Design Development
• Construction Documents
• Educational Specifications

Agencies, architects and planners for today’s special needs education facilities must be forward thinking and solution-oriented. Plans must provide for new technologies and specialized communication. For example, hallway widths and lighting systems should allow for comfortable lip reading and sign language communication. Mechanical and lighting systems must also be designed and sited so as not to interfere with the operation of hearing aids and cochlear implants. Our design and planning expertise helps ensure that the unique needs of deaf, blind and other special needs students and staff are a central consideration in the design of special needs educational facilities.