Apache ASL Trails Senior Residence

Tempe, AZ USA

Front of Apache Trails Senior Residence

Apache ASL Trails Senior Residence is the second housing project designed for deaf and hard-of-hearing seniors in mind by the same developer, Cardinal Capital Management of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Tempe East side has emerged as a successful new urban neighborhood. However, this success has yet to include the full range of the population. Specifically, deaf seniors are underrepresented. The Apache ASL Trails Housing will lead the course towards realizing the goal of providing a home for this segment of the population in the area.




Special Features in the building:

Deaf persons are particularly sensitive to vibrations and hard-of-hearing residents may turn their audio equipment up to higher than normal levels. To minimize vibration, floor joists are placed at 18 inch intervals instead of the standard 24 inches. Extra insulation and padded mechanical systems also reduce noise and vibration.

Specialized lighting design and window placement that minimizes glare in order to facilitate communication in American Sign Language. Light fixtures are selected for their glare reducing design and located differently to minimize glare that can interfere with seeing hand motions or reading lips.

Windows on the west and south facing walls that receive the most direct sunlight are sized and spaced differently.

Exterior awnings help prevent glare and background colors are chosen to provide contrast to aid communication in sign language.

Loop amplification system in the community room and the management office designed for tenants with hearing aids.

Although most Apache ASL Trails residents are profoundly deaf, others are assisted by the use of hearing aids. Loop systems are a class of assistive technologies that work together with hearing aids to help

Hard-of hearing people hear better, especially in group settings. For example, a loop system could help a hard of hearing individual clearly hear a speaker giving a presentation to a large group. Installation of a loop system involves additional wiring inside building walls.

Visual emergency indicators in elevator. Emergency situations are made more stressful by a lack of information and the absence of any indication that help is on the way. The elevators at Apache ASL Trails have been modified to provide information to deaf individuals trapped in a malfunctioning elevator. Lighted buttons can be pressed from outside the elevator to signal to those inside that assistance is on the way.

Wider hallways and larger community rooms and elevator lobbies. Spacing requirements between individuals are greater when communicating in American Sign Language as compared with speaking.