Ohio School for the Deaf Residence Hall

Columbus, OH USA

Typical Dorm room

Gone are the days of “dormitories” and “dining halls.” Today’s residential schools know that innovative housing is the most effective means of building a sense of community among its students. Creating community is a universal imperative for schools today, and most see campus housing as the key to achieving this goal. Some schools see the creation of “living/learning environments” as the most innovative and successful means of enhancing campus life for students. Still others believe that residential schools are the way to achieve this goal.

Dickinson + Partners along with SHP was selected to design a housing and outdoor landscaping plan for Ohio School for the Deaf to replace and consolidate all existing residence halls and includes recreation space. Seven new collages were built to replace the outdated facilities using phased delivery to maintain existing bed capacity at all times. This housing study/design investigates the feasibility of expanding or redeveloping existing Ohio School for the Deaf housing in accordance with the goals of the campus master plan and the current growth trends.


No matter which approach is used; the following four principles encourage the creation of outstanding student housing:

  •  Translating the mission of residence life into built form.
  •  Building a sense of community through design.
  •  Reinterpreting campus character – building the brand  and responding to the campus plan.
  •  Recognizing that living on campus fosters better education and maturation.


Living, Dining and Kitchen with open view


Middle / High School Age Residence                                                                                                Elementary Age Residence