Ohio State School for the Blind Residence Hall

Columbus, OH USA

Urban Style Residence Complex

Life on campus is more than time spent in the classroom.

Ohio School State School for the Blind students spend about 70 percent of their time outside the classroom. Student life facilities enhance their activities on campus by providing ways to support learning and maturation. Increasingly, institutions are reconsidering the functions and locations of such buildings in response to the growing sophistication of students. Dickinson + Partners supports such changes on campus through the planning, design and management of all student-related projects, including housing, dining facilities, recreation and after school programs.

The design team worked with the students and faculty to create ideas on common areas, bedrooms and study spaces responsive to blind culture. The main communal space combines the living room and kitchen where an island allows students to get around easily while prepare meals. Throughout the residence, wall finishes provide enough contrast between the room and the occupant so hands can feel the molding and help them know which room they are in.