Water Tower View Deaf Senior Housing

Greenfield, WI USA

In a silent world, there are no shuffles, thumps or thuds to warn that someone is about to round the hallway corner. Doorbells fail to ring when a visitor waits outside.

The $3.7 million, 64,960-square-foot building is now full of communication solutions for those who sign. Visitors, upon entering the lobby, dial a number. The button they push turns on a strobe light in the apartment they want to reach, and the resident can then activate a video phone that allows them to see who is in the lobby. The video monitor in the lobby also allows the resident and the visitor communicate in sign language without the visitor ever entering the secure portion of the building. The elevator car was constructed with an interior and exterior visual warning communication system.

Water Tower View is the first Wisconsin apartment building designed for deaf and hard-of-hearing seniors.

This project required unique architectural and construction solutions meet the needs of a population who is frequently underserved.