Dickinson + Partners provides people-centered housing design solutions for deaf, blind, autistic and other special needs residents.

Three foundational beliefs guide our designing for special needs residential buildings.

  1. We believe in the importance of creating spaces that are interesting and evoke a sense of style and comfort with the warmth of home.
  2. We believe attention to detail is required in designing living spaces that meet the specific needs of the people who will live there. Multiple and complex considerations for access and safety are essential in designing residential spaces for people who are deaf, blind, autistic or physically disabled.
  3. We believe designing spaces that foster interaction among residents is important in creating a sense of community.

Fostering interaction among residents is of primary importance. They often live alone and have a physical or mental impediment that may increase their sense of isolation. We have the opportunity through the use of physical space to nurturing encounters with each other and thereby promoting the feeling of connection to community.

In Residential design, we embrace a collaborative process. We believe is it important to bring together the community of users with diverse personalities, abilities and insights to enhance the comprehensive housing planning and design process.